About Zibby Owens


I’m a freelance writer and mother of four in New York City, where I was born and raised. I wrote my first magazine article, a personal essay for Seventeen magazine, when I was in high school and have been writing essays and reported pieces ever since. While I’ve written about everything from home design, work-outs and weddings to photography, grief and aging, I’ve been focused most recently on finding the humor in the everyday struggles of parenthood. I like to write about whatever I’m going through whether it’s hosting a sleepover or celebrating my relationship with my grandmother. If I’m going through it, I know many of you are too. I hope my words help readers feel less alone and make them laugh with recognition along the way. 

My work has appeared in Redbook, Marie Claire, Shape,  SELF, Modern Bride and other magazines. I’ve also contributed essays online to the New York Times, TODAY Parents, Huff Post Parents, Scary Mommy, Mommy Nearest and Medium

I’ve written several books, one of which, Your Perfect Fit, was published by McGraw-Hill. I’m working on a collection of essays for publication now.

I now host the podcast, "Moms Don't Have Time with Zibby Owens," in which I interview writers of all kinds about their work for listeners who might not have as much time as they'd like to read. It's available on Apple Podcasts (iTunes), Podbean and Stitcher. 

I graduated from Yale University with a degree in Psychology and have an MBA from Harvard Business School. I also have a marketing and branding background, especially for start-ups. Along the way, I’ve worked as a weight loss counselor and (going in the opposite direction) as the CEO of a family owned and operated crumb cake business, Nene’s Treats. Slogan: You won’t leave a crumb. (I wrote that.)

My main role and joy (well, most the time) is raising my four children ages three to ten, which includes a set of twins. And no, having two kids close together isn’t the same or harder than twins because I have that too; my last two are only 17 months apart. For fun, I like to spend time with my adorable (second) husband, constantly take pictures, make a zillion photo albums, read memoirs, novels and actual paper newspapers (I know, I’m the last one!), and travel to the Pacific Palisades, CA, to see friends and family and inhale desserts at Susie Cakes.