“I just listened to you read your essay about your son and was sobbing by the end. I had actually logged on to listen to your other essay (“Time Keeps on Slipping”) which I listened to yesterday, and also cried. Both feel unflinchingly honest and genuine. The mentions of the perspective afforded by a “parting of ways” (I can’t handle the word divorce this morning) was particularly poignant. Thank you for both, and please post more! I know you said your podcast has changed your life, but it is also a catalyst in changing others—namely mine"!”

— Caroline Janson

“Big fan. Your podcast shot to #1 on my list of best fake friends of all times.”

Robin Bobbé

“I am awe of your podcast and how much you have built in such a short amount of time. I have picked up so many books after listening to your podcasts. You have such a natural way in engaging with each of the authors that you interview. I can't wait to start listening to your new podcast (and probably adding a billion more books on the list to read with my three kids)!”

— Kara Bonitatibus