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Getting over a loss? Grieving? (I’m so sorry.)

Nora McInerny, NO HAPPY ENDINGS: A MEMOIR — Nora lost her husband, Aaron, in her 30s but rebounded and remarried… she is absolutely hilarious and makes the everyday tragedies funny.

Rebecca Soffer and Gabrielle Birkner, MODERN LOSS: CANDID CONVERSATIONS ABOUT GRIEF — This collection of essays highlights all the feelings and experiences behind losing loved ones. Written/edited by the Modernloss.com founders.

Claire Bidwell Smith, THE RULES OF INHERITANCE - A compelling, beautifully written memoir about losing both parents, coping, and bouncing back.

Sarah McColl, JOY ENOUGH - A slim, literary memoir about Sarah caring for her sick mother while her own marriage unravels.

Katie Arnold, RUNNING HOME: A MEMOIR — This ultra-marathon champion shares her innermost feelings, how she coped with her father’s death and illness, her own pregnancy emotions, getting attacked in the woods wearing her baby in a Bjorn, her anxiety, her running, and her environment.

Marisa Bardach Ramel and Sally Bardach, THE GOODBYE DIARIES: A MOTHER-DAUGHTER MEMOIR — This book, co-written by Marisa and her now deceased mother, Sally, is a powerful conversation about what it means to lose the love that sustains you.

Having #MOMLIFE or #DADLIFE issues?!

Liz Astrof, DON’T WAIT UP: CONFESSIONS OF A STAY-AT-WORK MOM — The most hilarious collection of stories about the daily life of motherhood… Impossible not to laugh.

John Kenney, LOVE POEMS (FOR MARRIED PEOPLE) — This is the most hilarious, clever, brilliant collection of satirical poems. His new book, LOVE POEMS FOR MARRIED PEOPLE WITH KIDS comes out in October. This will make anyone laugh!

Mary Laura Philpott, I MISS YOU WHEN I BLINK: ESSAYS — Can you feel sad if you have everything? With essays like, “Ungrateful B-tch,” Mary Laura addresses her luckiness in life mixed with anxiety. Her kids, her writing, her dinner parties.

Taking care of a sick on injured loved one? Are you sick?

Abigail Maslin, LOVE YOU HARD: A MEMOIR OF MARRIAGE, BRAIN INJURY, AND REINVENTING LOVE — Abby’s husband gets beaten randomly walking home from a baseball game. This is her story of his recovery, her commitment, and the power of love. It’s uplifting, real, honest, and amazing

Allison Pataki, BEAUTY IN THE BROKEN PLACES — Allison’s husband has a stroke on an airplane when she’s pregnant with their first child. Read how she persevered and found hope through it all.

Sarah Vallance, PROGNOSIS - A MEMOIR OF MY BRAIN — This first person account of sustaining a brain injury is absolutely brilliant.

Eva Hagberg Fisher, HOW TO BE LOVED - A MEMOIR OF LIFESAVING FRIENDSHIP - Eva writes about her own illnesses and losing her close friend in an uplifting, literary, memorable way.

Dealing with a break-up, divorce or coming out?

Jill Santopolo, THE LIGHT WE LOST - A love story for the ages. Get swept away by this cinematic tale of love and loss and forget your own issues.

Lori Gottlieb, MAYBE YOU SHOULD TALK TO SOMEONE: A THERAPIST, HER THERAPIST, AND OUR LIVES REVEALED — An inside look at what a therapist goes through herself and how she recovers from a break-up while helping others.

Rosie Walsh, GHOSTED — Escape into this clever love story with a truly surprising twist set in the UK.

William Dameron, THE LIE: A MEMOIR OF TWO MARRIAGES, CATFISHING & COMING OUT — This beautiful memoir is about Bill’s struggle with identity, his decision to stay in the closet for most of his adult life, until he can’t anymore, and what happens when he does. It’s a love story. A coming-of-middle-age. A story about what you know inside and what you want to believe.

Lisa Taddeo, THREE WOMEN — This is a “holy s—t” type of book. Three women’s stories, non-fiction, that reads like a dark, intimate portrait of desire and longing across the country. It’s haunting, memorable and absolutely beautifully written in a raw, fresh way.

Jennifer Weiner, MRS. EVERYTHING - This magnum opus takes readers through the lives of two sisters over many decades and through one sister’s coming out over time.

Is your mother driving you nuts?

Elissa Altman, MOTHERLAND, A MEMOIR OF LOVE, LOATHING, AND LONGING - One of my favorites, this book is an open, honest tale of dealing with an aging parent who has given you hell throughout your life.

Deborah Burns, SATURDAY’S CHILD — This memoir of a larger-than-life mother who only “mothers” on Saturday mornings is a lovely read.

Want to rethink your happiness in general?

Neil Pasricha, THE HAPPINESS EQUATION: WANT NOTHING + DO ANYTHING = HAVE EVERYTHING — This Harvard MBA turns happiness on its head and solves the secret to happiness formula. Sprinkled with his own life story, this advice book gives tactical tips for finding happiness.

Ingrid Fetell Lee, JOYFUL: THE SURPRISING POWER OF ORDINARY THINGS TO CREATE EXTRAODINARY HAPPINESS — Ingrid takes a visual approach and asserts that simple changes in your environment can change the way you feel. Actionable, insightful and new, Ingrid’s take on happiness is refreshing and achievable.

Need a #worklife reboot?

Lydia Fenet, THE MOST POWERFUL WOMAN IN THE ROOM IS YOU: COMMAND AN AUDIENCE AND SELL YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS — Auctioneer at Christie’s, Lydia takes her own life experience and that of many other female rockstars and gives empowering advice for getting what you want in life.

Struggling with writing your next book?
Steven Rowley, THE EDITOR — A light funny tale of a gay author who gets Jackie Kennedy as his book editor, this story brings up issues of motherhood, writing, and more.

Having some financial challenges? Is your child going through something tough?

Rex Ogle, FREE LUNCH — Coming out September 10th, this true story of a brilliant boy going through sixth grade in the face of poverty and verbal/physical abuse is a must read for anyone at any age.