Many of my Instagram followers suggested I launch a book club, so HERE IT IS! It's new, different, and fits with the crazy lifestyle many of us lead.

  1. Get a group together and plan to meet OR group FaceTime at least once a month. I know this is a logistical nightmare but... how about the first Thursday of the month? (Just trying to help!) Or start a Facebook group to do this. I’ll join! Create a Facebook Watch party so you can all watch a video of one of my taped podcast interviews - I’m moving to audio AND video.

  2. Pick a book I've discussed on my podcast @momsdonthavetimetoreadbooks. Author headshots and interview transcripts are on zibbyowens.com.

  3. Commit to reading at least ONE SENTENCE of the book. A chapter is even better. The whole thing would be amazing. But NO PRESSURE!!! Buy the books, though, if you can and support the amazing authors.

  4. Everyone MUST listen to my podcast with the author or read the transcript. Don't worry!! They're all less than 30 minutes. You can do it on the drive to book club!

  5. Get together in person or on FaceTime. (My kids showed me how to FaceTime multiple people - so cool!) Discuss. Enjoy. Analyze. Laugh. Relax. I can send discussion questions if you want!

  6. Take a picture of your gathering or your reading prep and post it! Tag your book club members, tag @zibbyowens, @momsdonthavetimetoreadbooks and include #wefoundtime.

  7. Anyone who does this gets entered to win FREE BOOKS for their ENTIRE BOOK CLUB. If you "win," pick any book from my podcast and I'll send copies to you all!!! 8. HAVE FUN!!!! YOU FOUND TIME!!!!!!!!!! Remember: one sentence. That's it. Start there. See where it takes you. Happy reading!!! (Also, I’ll be publishing my Summer Reads book fair list with great upcoming book releases next week to help with your selection!!)